My social media deal this year.

As a slight follow-up to my last blog post, I’d like to lay out what’s going to be happening with me on social media this year so you don’t wonder why I seem to be ignoring your tweets all of a sudden and assume I’ve muted you.

Due to my increased stress and responsibility this year (which creates a much lowered threshold for BPD “flareups”), and the absolute mess that is 2016 current events, I’m finding the unpredictable nature of the social media firehose a bit too much to handle for now.  So I won’t be partaking in the general stream, either on Facebook or on Twitter, but will be checking my mentions regularly and continuing to post.

If you have some exciting news or self-promo stuff or just a random thought you want to share with me, I hope you’ll contact me directly – don’t feel weird about it.  It will get pretty quiet for me if you don’t, so you’ll be doing me a favor, even if it’s just “I have a cool story idea!” or “Here’s a picture of my cat looking stoned.”  I know it’s more trouble for you to contact me individually than to just “put things out there,” so I don’t expect you to do it for every little thing, but just try to remember I am still here and still interested in you, just taking self-protective action to avoid being steeped in the general atmosphere of anger and panic.

I will also do my part by remembering to individually contact the people who are important to me, and not expect them to do all the work.

Ways to get in touch with me, in order of how much I like them:

Postal mail!  Mishell Baker; PO Box 78760; Los Angeles, CA 90016

@ me and possibly other related people on Twitter (as an extrovert I like this because it’s like hanging out in a public hallway, and others can listen in and add to the fun).

Send me a GChat message (I often reply very quickly – if I don’t reply within a few seconds I’m probably away and will get back to you later)

DM me on Twitter (not the most efficient way of chatting but I will at least see it pretty quickly because of email notification)

Facebook?  I’m new to it but it’s another option – tagging to get my attention publicly, as well as private messages.

Email me, if you have my address.  Ask me for it if you don’t.

I don’t mind text messages, if you have my number, but I’m infamous for leaving my phone somewhere for 2 days and forgetting it exists, so don’t expect a speedy reply.

I’m sorry if this seems selfish, weird, or melodramatic — I know it’s probably hard to imagine exactly what I’m dealing with unless you are familiar with BPD or have been cohabiting with me.   My husband agrees that something needs to be done to reduce the random emotional projectiles I’m bombarded with, because I’m a primary caregiver for small children as well as an over-committed debut author who has a lot of deadlines to meet and trips to plan.  I can’t afford to lose even half a day to BPD right now, so I’ve got to batten down the hatches.

If you’re reading this, I do hope you’ll come knocking, though.

2 Responses to “My social media deal this year.”

  1. Kari Ann

    This doesn’t seem weird or out of proportion in any way! Social media has ways of making us feel like it’s more important than other things you could be doing, and the truth is that friendships are real, even those online. If we have a situation where we see so much anger and/or wonder what happened to someone who suddenly starts spouting politics, we all lose time. It’s not only you. It’s harder for your situation, but you aren’t the only one.

  2. Dave

    Argh, my reply was eaten by the ‘net – too much work to retype it 🙁

    Me: anxiety & depression, introvert
    You: Awesome and an incredible author

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