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Impostor Syndrome (2018)

Three months ago, Los Angeles and New Orleans seceded from the Arcadia Project over an atrocity committed by its London leader, Dame Belinda Barker.  Now, as the two U.S. cities scramble to keep their offices running, Barker fires the devastating first shot of an arcane civil war.  And Millie’s partner is the target.

To save both him and the U.S. Arcadia Project, Millie must concoct a plan to rob Barker of the resources that give her iron control over two hundred offices worldwide.  With the help of allies both fey and human, Millie heads to London to set a heist into motion.  But thanks to the chaos of rogue spirits, romantic entanglements, and a four-way conflict between powerful fey monarchs, both the heist and Millie’s mental health soon begin to spiral out of control.

Everyone is looking to Millie for leadership, and the stakes have never been higher.  But how long before they all realize she’s not the hero she’s pretending to be?

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