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Archive for October, 2022


Greetings from NewStudentLandia!  I’m in week 3 of my computer science degree, and couldn’t be happier.  Well, I would be slightly happier if the math were easier.  It’s really kicking my butt and we’re only just getting started.  But challenge is good.  It’s carving new grooves in my brain, and I love that at my age I can still do that.

The above image is a little exercise I did to practice using code to place and color various shapes on a virtual canvas.  I was not required to add dialogue, but it was so easy to do with a few point and line commands, how could I not?

No updates yet on Creative Stuff until I settle into my new routine a little better, but do sign up for my newsletter if you want to get all the juicy deets on that when it’s time.

In the meantime, just wanted everyone who cares about me enough to visit my site to know that I am doing well, getting stuff done, and Making Life Better.  Whatever happens around me, whatever people over my head decide and however it affects my life, I will always find a way to thrive.  I sincerely hope you will too, because whatever you’re waiting and/or fighting for that will finally “allow” you to be happy – it may never show up.  Do you really want your entire life to have been spent waiting and fighting… and nothing else?

What can you do, even with things as they currently are?  Might I gently, lovingly, suggest you do some of that while you wait and fight for better days?

Misery is very much the fashion these days, especially on social media – it is a signal that you are “aware” and “sensitive” and not obliviously privileged like those happy people who talk with their spouses in their garden every morning or whatever.  It signals that you are a victim of the ills of society and that you Demand Change!  Being publicly miserable also stops people from resenting you or thinking that you’re a smug braggart!

The truth, though?  Anyone who hates to see you happy is not anyone whose high opinion you need to cultivate.

Furthermore, your misery proves nothing about you except that you are miserable.  It induces none of your antagonists to change anything (they prefer you miserable), and is revenge against no one but yourself.  All the things you think you need to “get angry” or “get scared” to do, you can do just as easily while cultivating inner peace and appreciation for what is working properly in your life.

Happiness does not equal stagnation.  Nor does misery equal action.  They are two entirely separate variables, and in truth, miserable people tend to have less energy for action.  When you’re in a good headspace, everything you touch turns out just a little bit better.

You can fight joyfully.  Learn joyfully.  Create joyfully.  Resist joyfully.  Express your beliefs joyfully.  Solve problems joyfully.  Love joyfully.  Make mistakes joyfully.  Endure joyfully.  There is nothing from which you absolutely must delete that adverb.  Happiness does imply stagnation and does not prevent you from taking meaningful action.  Joy can fuel you as surely as anger, and saps less of your strength and health.  You can run to things instead of away, and get just as far if not farther.

There is no situation in life in which you cannot create beauty and meaning.  Happiness has no material prerequisite.  Happiness is not mere cheerfulness; it is not oblivious or shallow.  Happiness is profound.  Happiness is a skill.  Learning that skill saved my life, and as much as I can, I will devote what remains of my life to finding new ways to share happiness with others.

If you ever want to share a moment of happiness with someone who won’t resent it in the slightest, feel free to mail me a letter, drop me an email, or hit me up on my Twitter.  In a sea of mandatory misery, let’s make our own little island of diverse and multifaceted joy.