Back on my b.s.!

Hey, remember when this blog was about me getting a computer science degree?  Well today I did my first assignment since my cancer diagnosis.  All I was supposed to do was make some “modern art” with simple geometric draw tools in p5.js, like the Mondrian assignment but this time doing my own thing.  We’re meant to experiment with transparency, stroke weight, etc.

But of course somewhere along the way I started Feeling Feelings looking at the shapes on the canvas and the colors, and I decided that this is a piece about what joy is.  I titled it “Supports,” and to me it expresses the process involved in the construction of happiness… both your choice of framing and the many tiny, tangled (sometimes unseen) things (and people) one uses to prop up one’s mood.

2 Responses to “Back on my b.s.!”

  1. Anne, Cranky Cat Lady

    I’m so happy and relieved for you! I hope doing something creative helps with your healing too.

    I’m playing with glittery tulle, Stickles glitter glue and other shiny things to dress a pair of skeleton dolls.

  2. Mishell Baker

    That is one of the coolest sentences ever typed .

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