Anni, are you ok?

Hey!  Annabelle!  Yes, you!  The high school student who sent me the essay she wrote about my trilogy!  I just tried to reply to you, and it bounced.  I hope nothing terrible has befallen you, and it was just a school email that is defunct for the summer, or something like that.

I know from your essay that you at least know where to find my blog, so I’m answering you here.

Sorry it took me so long to read the essay (*gestures vaguely at chemotherapy with one nerve-damaged hand*), but I’m so glad you shared your essay with me.

If you’ll forgive me embarrassing you in public: you are already so much better at understanding what life is about than I was at your age (or Millie’s age).  I think you’re going to have a wonderful life.  Not because you’ll succeed at everything (though you will succeed at many things, with a mind like that), but because you’ll understand that it’s okay when you don’t succeed, and you’ll keep trying.  Because you know the magic is out there, somewhere, maybe just around the next corner, even if you can’t see it yet.



Where to get updates on, you know, the THING.

I’ve decided that rather than have my condition “metastasize” (ha ha sob) to all my various social media, blogs, etc., I’m going to keep my updates neatly confined to a site designed for exactly that.

If you’re interested in keeping up with how I’m doing and/or taking advantage of opportunities to help me out in ways that are genuinely helpful, here’s the site you’ll want to bookmark.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln…

…Other than that, honestly, things are pretty great.

I’ve just caught up in my university classes, finally, after getting two weeks behind.  All the listed deadlines are now in the future instead of the past, and that would feel great enough on its own if I weren’t ACING both classes.  All I have to do is pass them both to get into the full degree program, and I’m gonna do it.  Absolutely.  Whether I finish, that’s up to the fates, but if not I will




Just to give you a little taste of what I’ve been working on, here is “part 3b” of my game project, exactly as submitted yesterday.  I got a perfect score!