I enjoy receiving handwritten letters.  It would please me if you would contact me at

Mishell Baker
4960 W Washington Blvd
Box 78760
Los Angeles, CA 90016

It is extremely likely that, if you do this, you will eventually get a letter on paper from me.  If you wrote me in the past and didn’t get a reply, please try again now that I have sorted out my various issues with the post office.

If you want to leave me a voice message, you can do so at 855-MISHELL.

You can also fill out this form, if writing me on paper isn’t practical for you.  I usually respond fairly quickly, unless you’re asking me to do paid writing of any kind, in which case I will likely not respond at all (as Russell Galen is the guy to talk to about that).  If I’m being asked to do unpaid writing of any kind, not only will I not respond, but I will visit a curse upon your descendants.

You can also follow me on Twitter, though I mostly discuss games there.