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Welcome to my forums! (Work in progress.)

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In the coming months I'm going to organize this space a little better.  It's largely going to be used to hold book club discussions, but if people start wanting to talk about my work I'll make space for that, too.  

This is a "friends only" forum, but you, too can be a friend!  If you want to join the forums and/or my book club, just give me your email address via my contact form, tell me a little about yourself if we haven't met, and I'll hook you up.

The book club is a somewhat informal and sometimes not-exactly-monthly discussion of the books in Easton Press's 100 Greatest Books collection.  You're welcome to chime in on the threads for a book you've read, even if we discussed it a year ago and you weren't there.  That's the nice thing about forums.



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