Skylight Books

Mishell’s Favorite – Skylight Books

Featured by USA Today as one of the 10 best bookstores in the nation, Skylight Books has been serving Los Angeles for nearly 20 years.  They have events 4-5 nights a week, offer a varied selection in-store, and can deliver any ebook you desire to your phone or tablet in seconds flat (thanks to their relationship with Kobo).  Their latest brainchild is their “Signed First Edition Club,” which is a blessing for book collectors anywhere the country who want to build a carefully curated collection by mail.

On less lazy weekends, I like to make the trip up to that part of the city to see the store’s pretty kitty, indoor tree, and soothing skylight (their name isn’t metaphorical).  My kids love it, too, and always get to pick a book to take home.  Most of my business with Skylight, though, is done by visiting their web site and using my Kobo account to have my latest impulse buy instantly appear in my hands.  I love that I don’t have to choose between old-fashioned charm and modern convenience.

Skylight, to me, is the perfect example of a business that remembers what’s great about traditional brick-and-mortar (events, ambiance, customer service, community), while also understanding that some people just want what they want, right now.  I love being allowed to indulge my lazy, online-ordering ways, while still having the option of indulging books’ sensory and collectible value — all the while supporting a store that gives directly back to my community.

Is there a store like this near you?  If so, contact me and tell me all about it!  I’m looking to showcase independent bookstores that serve readers both online and in person, especially those that are friendly to fantasy and science fiction.

If you like reading e-books but want to help local businesses thrive, you can find your closest Kobo-affiliated indie by searching IndieBound, then check out their web sites to find your favorite.  If you order a Kobo ebook through an indie’s site, when you make your Kobo account it will link your purchases to that store so that they can benefit from that and future e-book purchases.

Kobo accounts are free, as is the app for your phone or tablet.  If you like the long battery life and reduced eyestrain of an ereader, Kobo has those available, too!  (You may see me with mine at conventions.)