Surgery update!

CW: what it says on the tin.






So it turns out the surgery went even better than I originally thought.  I went over the report with my dad, a retired surgeon, and he was very impressed.  Not only were they able to remove all the visible cancer from my insides, but it looks like they also removed some likely/sus areas of my abdominal wall that might have microscopic cancer on them based on typical spread patterns.  They were also able to remove growths from the surface of my liver without removing much of my liver, and they didn’t seem to think there was anything deeper in there.

He also says that the type of cancer I have (a type of rare appendix cancer, the official sciencey name escapes me at the moment) does not grow particularly fast.  So even without chemo, it would take it a while for the cancer growth to start from scratch and threaten me again.  That means that even worst case, I’ve got more time than I feared.  I’ll get to finish up some things, maybe even my degree.  This is awesome.

I am pending an appointment with my actual permanent oncologist, since the first one they assigned me was a gynecological oncologist, and this is not, in fact, ovarian cancer, despite my ovaries making a bigger show of being cancerous than my humble, freeloading, toxic appendix.  That kind of stuff matters enough that I need a whole new doctor to figure out how to treat it.

There is no huge rush to start treatment though, so I’m not sweating the lack of an appointment date, just happily healing from having half my innards removed.

Today was good.  I was awakened at 5am by my stomach growling, and nearly wept for joy, because up until that moment eating had been a thing I did at set times, as much as I could stand, so that I wouldn’t die.  An hour ago I ate a pumpkin muffin my kid had helped bake and actually enjoyed it.  Feeling like me again, and I’m just going to relish that for as long as it lasts.

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  1. Anne, Cranky Cat Lady

    This is excellent news! I’m going to keep right on with the good vibes.

  2. Julia

    Woo-hoo! I’ve been obsessively refreshing this page for precisely this kind of update! Here is to many decades of pumpkin muffins!

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