Would you like a letter?

Back in the late 20-teens, i.e. the Before Times, there was a period during which I was hand-writing approximately a letter a day.  While I don’t think I’ll ever reach that standard or anything near it again, my interest in paper correspondence has rekindled a bit.

However, I no longer have a P.O. Box (I think the post office stopped sending email payment reminders around the same time I started a year + of quarantine, and so they just kept stuffing requests for payment into an already full and unchecked box).  This means I no longer have an address I can post publicly to request letters.  If you’re feeling brave, you can enter your own address into my Mailbook, and at some point in the future I will surprise you with a letter.

I expect I’ll be writing around a half dozen letters a month, so you’ve got a pretty good chance of receiving one if I have your address.  No promises about exactly when, but that’s kind of the fun part, right?

If you gave me your address previously via Postable, I regret to inform you that the site appears to have become infected with malware, so I won’t be returning to it in the foreseeable future.  You’ll need to give me your address again through Mailbook, via the link above, if you’d like a letter.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

You can also DM me your address on Twitter and I’ll enter it into Mailbook myself manually, but keep in mind that not only does this increase the chance of errors, this creates an extra Thing for me to do, and my laziness in non-lucrative matters such as these knows no bounds.  Your best shot is to take the plunge and click that link.

UPDATE:  Literally two days after I posted this, I got an email from the post office notifying me that my renewal fee was going to be charged on the 15th.  I… what??  Sometime next week we’re going to go find out why my key no longer works in that box, pick up a year’s worth of mail I had no idea I was still getting, and once that’s all sorted out I’ll add my address back onto my contact info here.  LARGEST POSSIBLE SHRUG EMOJI

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