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Impostor Syndrome

Three months ago, Los Angeles and New Orleans seceded from the Arcadia Project over an atrocity committed by its London leader.  Now, as the two U.S. cities scramble to keep their offices running, London fires the devastating first shot of an arcane civil war.  And Millie’s partner is the target.

To save both him and the U.S. Arcadia Project, Millie must concoct a plan to rob the Project’s leader of the resources that give her iron control over two hundred offices worldwide.  With the help of allies both fey and human, Millie heads to London to set a heist into motion.


"Baker’s richly detailed worldbuilding intersects with powerful storytelling to keep readers hooked."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

"There’s a cinematic joy in the brisk revelations and switchbacks of the plot, but even more impressive are Baker’s sympathetic and difficult characters."


"Mixing humor with serious action, the final volume of Baker's trilogy (Borderline; Phantom Pains) wraps up a layered storyline with a satisfying imperfect ending."

Library Journal

"It’s the fact that these characters connect so deeply even as they alternately antagonize and comfort one another makes the packed action of this climactic volume work so flawlessly."

Nicole Hill, B&N Reads

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